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Makin' My Monday! (Canon 1D Mark IV Review)

nless you're a photographer this post might sound too geeky and I'm sorry! Come back tomorrow and Wednesday for more images! But if you are a photographer, I think my take on the latest Canon bodies might be interesting.

In September 2008 I ordered the highly anticipated Canon 5D Mark II. I was using the 1D Mark II at the time, the Mark III had already been released (with poor reviews), and most of my friends in the photography business, if they were shooting Canon, were using the original 5D. With the release of the 5D Mark II, it seemed everyone was getting one - and so I did too. It wasn't just peer pressure though, it was the desire to have the best possible tools I could get my hands on so that I could do my thing with the best possible results.

Unfortunately, while the 5D Mark II takes some AMAZING images, it also takes a lot of out of focus images. A LOT. You see, the Canon 5D Mark II has 9 'selectable AF points' with 6 'assist points'. It also has a 'High-precision center Cross-type AF' point. One of them. And my experience with this camera was that all of these focus points were weak and slow (read, virtually unusable) and only the center, high-precision focus point was any good. This meant I had to do the 'focus and recompose' technique which isn't my preferred way of taking photos, not to mention that when you're using super fast prime lenses whatever you focus on will go out of focus fast the moment you even think about recomposing!

Not to blast away too much on the 5Dmkii - it does take gorgeous photos when it works, and the ability to go up to 3200 ISO with no problems (vs. the 800 ISO that I never wanted to go over on my previous camera) rocks!

But as a pro, I don't want to settle. I hate being limited by my gear. When I have something in mind I want to be able to accomplish it, and I found the 5DmkII limiting. SO...

Three months ago I sold my 5D Mark II (on TWITTER of all places!) and purchased the all new 1D Mark IV! Same great ISO performance, and now I have not just 9, but 45 selectable auto focus point options, and not just one 'high-precision' point dead center, but 39 cross-type, high-precision AF points! Now I can compose first and then find my focus point! This makes me so, so happy. And I've never counted, but my guess is that I get 2-3 TIMES as many in focus images from my sessions and weddings! Meaning I have WAY more images to choose from when I'm picking out the best images to give to my clients. Big win!

Admittedly, this camera has a 1.3x 'crop factor' and sure, I do miss the full frame glory of an in-focus 5D shot. But having more in focus shots and a camera that responds to my wants is more important to me. Yeah, you can have the best of both (sometime soon) and it will be called the 1Ds Mark IV. Oh my! We can only dream...
Canon 1DMKIV Review

Thanks Canon for 'Makin' My Monday' with the killer AF system on the 1D Mark IV!
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Friday, August 27, 2010  -  Weddings & Clients

Urban Engagement Session in Denver | Lisa and Pete

isa and Pete have been waiting for weeks to see their photos here on the blog! I know they're avid readers/viewers and it was a cruel twist of fate that their urban engagement session in Denver happened to occur right when I was ready to put things on hold until this new website was launched. Well Lisa and Pete, and everyone else, I hope it was worth the wait - I know that I sure think so. Your images look just lovely here and I can't think of any better way to kick things off than by showing off some photos from their session a couple weeks ago.

Lisa and Pete met while studying for the bar exam. Sounds romantic, no? Nothing like cracking the books together to get the fire started! What's really neat is that now, even though they have different jobs in the legal field, they work in the same building in Denver and they can carpool together!

We really had a great time together and no one got hit by a train!

(Don't forget to vote for your favorite image or two or three! And if you want... 'Thumb it' or 'ReTweet'!)
Engagement Session In Denver Cute Corner LP
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Engagement Session In Denver Back To Back
[ 0 ]

Engagement Session In Denver Rusted Alley
[ 1 ]

Engagement Session In Denver BW Eyebrows Raised
[ 0 ]

Engagement Session In Denver Reflection Stroll LP
[ 1 ]

Engagement Session In Denver Kiss Reflection LP
[ 4 ]

Engagement Session In Denver Steps Kiss BW
[ 1 ]

Engagement Session In Denver Forehead Kiss Grate
[ 3 ]

Engagement Session In Denver BW Kiss Grate
[ 0 ]

Engagement Session In Denver Over The Back
[ 0 ]

Engagement Session In Denver Overpass Intersection
[ 3 ]

Engagement Session In Denver Spin And Kiss
[ 5 ]

Engagement Session In Denver Arrowhead
[ 0 ]

Cubs fans in Colorado!? Okay, we'll let you stay... but only because the Cubs are worse than the Rockies.
Engagement Session In Denver Cubs Fans
[ 0 ]

Engagement Session In Denver Train Bridge Closeup
[ 2 ]

Engagement Session In Denver Tracks Balance
[ 0 ]

Thanks for everything Lisa and Pete! I had a great time! Really looking forward to your wedding in November!
Engagement Session In Denver BW closeup LP
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Thursday, August 26, 2010  -  Treasure Box

Thursday's Two-Cent Reviews for August 26, 2010

hat used to be a regular feature here at 'Jared Wilson Photography' is BACK! Recently I actually had someone tell me that they enjoyed it when, on my site, I reviewed movies and such. To be honest, I wasn't sure anyone cared. But at least one person does - so, Chris, this is for you! And if any of of the rest of you enjoy it - let me know. I'd especially love to hear if you agree or disagree with my thoughts on such things.

So, first up is my 'two-cents' on books. A couple of weeks ago I was looking for something to read on my iPad and I was perusing the 'Bestseller' feature, both from the iBook store and the NY Times. Daniel Silva's book was #1 on both. I had never heard of him or this series of his (the current bestseller is like the 11th book in this Characters' series) and so I did a little digging and found out that book one is called 'The Kill Artist'. It's a story where the main character, Gabriel Allon, is a spy and does spy things but he's also an Art Restorer (at the beginning and end anyway). It was enjoyable enough that I moved onto book two, 'The English Assassin', and I enjoyed it as well. Though book two wasn't as good for me as book one, because at least the first book had a little bit of romance... (Whoa, I just reread this sentence and that sounds weird. I'm not into romance novels or anything. It's just that the first book had a bit more character 'arc' and 'emotion' than book two. Yikes! Forget Daniel Silva. Next I'll be reading Danielle Steel!) I realize I'm not giving you much here and even though it was an enjoyable and quick read, I didn't get much from it myself. I don't think spy novels are really my thing.

Mostly I'm just waiting for my copy of 'Mockingjay' to arrive at the door! I decided to order the hardback version instead of reading it on the iPad via the Kindle app because I have the first two books in this 'Hunger Games' series in hardback and thought it would be nice to have the entire set. I loved 'The Hunger Games' and enjoyed book two 'Catching Fire' even though it seemed a bit like a rehash of the first. This one doesn't sound like a rehash at all and I've heard it's very 'introspective'. I'll let you know what I think when I finish it!

Now onto a couple of random items. I downloaded Sufjan Stevens latest EP on iTunes on Monday and, wow, it's interesting! I don't think I'll be jamming to this at home or in the car too much, but I'm certainly thrilled to hear it all live when he comes to Denver in November. I've already got tickets for me and Emily - maybe I'll see you there? Here's the Sufjan MySpace page if you want to check out a few tracks.

My latest app download is 'Tichu' for the iPad. If you don't know, I'm somewhat of a board game fanatic and if we can count 'Tichu' (it's a card game) then I might say 'Tichu' is my favorite! To learn more about the card game you can visit 'Board Game Geek' (yes, I'm one of them). And if you want to download the app which lets you play alone or with friends and includes some helpful tutorials to teach you how to play, then you can visit this iTunes link.

Finally, Chris, if you've made it this far - my 'Two-Cents' on a few films.

I recently caught up with 'The White Ribbon' which, if you don't remember, was the favorite to win the Oscar this last year for 'Best Foreign Film'. It didn't win. Instead 'The Secret in Their Eyes' took the prize and I probably would've voted for it as well. I didn't enjoy 'The White Ribbon' very much. The story was just... strange. However, I did give it 3 stars (liked it) on Netflix for the Black and White photography alone. There were some truly brilliant shots in here - which is why it was also nominated for 'Best Cinematography' (and lost to Avatar). Wonderful use of light and shadow...

I also watched 'Funny People' recently. Didn't like it. Didn't like the people. Didn't like the funny. Should've turned it off. And that's enough of that one.

Finally, the next movie on my 'Most Anticipated' list is 'The American' directed by Anton Corbijn and starring George Clooney. Who directed it is very important to me as a film fan and looking at Corbijn's profile on IMDB I don't see much there - so that's disappointing. But when I googled his name and came across his website I got excited again. He's a photographer! AND, he's THE photographer who photographed U2 for their Joshua Tree shoot (you've probably seen the photos). Anyway, I've read in a few places that this movie has a good chance of being one of the 10 nominees this year for 'Best Picture'. It comes out on September 1st. I'll go see it and let you know if it really does have a chance. Because, you know, my 'Two-Cents' matters!

Here's the trailer for 'The American'.

'Til next time, that's my 'Two-Cents'!
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010  -  Photography

LAUNCHED! All new 'Jared Wilson Photography'!

ouston, we have liftoff! These are exciting times at Jared Wilson Photography! And this sparkly-shiny-pretty-green website has a lot to do with it! WELCOME to the brand new home for all of my photo art! And a big THANK YOU to Dave and Brock at Infinet Design for all of your work in making this site so wonderful!

There are a few new features I'm excited to offer and I hope you will all make good use of them. First, you can vote for your favorite images and they'll show up in the 'Voter Favorites' gallery. My hope is that this will turn into a fun gallery featuring lots of awesome photos. And not because I said so, but because you said so!

You can also give a thumbs up Facebook 'like' to your favorite posts and let your friends know, over there on Facebook, that you've found something great and worth checking out. Send the link to your favorite post to Facebook or Twitter or Digg - let the whole world know!

There's even more to explore - so have a look around! And come back soon - I've been saving up some goodies to show off here, surrounded by White and Green!

And just because blog posts are more fun with a photo or two - here ya' go! How dorky am I taking photos of myself? Go ahead. I dare you to vote this as one of your favorites!
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Thursday, August 5, 2010  -  Weddings & Clients

Wedding at Spruce Mountain Ranch | Gina and Jason

n April of 2009 I photographed a wedding at the Magnolia in Denver with RJ Kern as my second photographer. Well, this June I had the opportunity to return the favor as I assisted RJ at the wedding of Gina and Jason. And wow! This was a fun one!

Gina and Jason's wedding at Spruce Mountain Ranch was one of the very first ever to be held in their new space - and now I'm eager to go back. The facility is wonderful!

It gets better... This was my first chance to work with Debbie Orwat and Gabby Cavalli - truly great Denver wedding planners with Save the Date Events.

AND... It gets better! Gina and Jason are fellow Denver area photographers!! I've got to know Jason a little bit over the last couple of years at various functions and 'boys lunches' and it was a thrill to be there at his wedding. If you want to know more about Gina and Jason you can head over to their website here. If you're looking for a photographer for your wedding... hire me! But if I'm unavailable, give them, or RJ, a call for sure!

Here are Jason and Gina.
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And being that they're both photographers, OF COURSE they decided on a 'first look' before the ceremony! Classic!
[ 3 ]

[ 1 ]

[ 0 ]

[ 1 ]

While we were out taking photos with the wedding party I got one of this cutie and then again during the ceremony.
[ 2 ]

[ 2 ]

[ 1 ]

Wedding In Colorado Just Married 2
[ 0 ]

And then it was time for the reception!
[ 0 ]

Jason gave a speech and I'm sure this was the first time, and the last, that I was called out by name in a wedding speech. It was kinda surprising and pretty funny.
[ 0 ]

Another big surprise was that Jason and Gina happen to know Joana and Hans! You may remember Joana and Hans from their adorable engagement session in Denver. I'll be photographing their wedding next May!
[ 0 ]

And I've got to share this story... After Gina and her father began the Father/Daughter dance I happened to notice that RJ, a Nikon shooter, gave his camera to Jason, who used to be a Nikon shooter. Gina and Jason had sworn to each other that they would take a break from photography at this one and try to not constantly watch me and RJ do our thing. So, I thought it was pretty neat that Jason got this opportunity to photograph Gina, his bride, and her father.
[ 0 ]

"Pretty neat". Yeah... As I watched this scene unfold I started crying like a baby. Knowing the power of this moment and Jason being able to view Gina through the viewfinder and capture this once and forever with the soft squeeze of the shutter.... It was very moving.
[ 0 ]

RJ grabbed Gina, Jason, and me, and we all hopped into his brand new Turbo Diesel VW. We chased the sunlight to this meadow and captured a few images at sunset.
[ 1 ]

But then we got them back to the party. :)
[ 0 ]

[ 0 ]

Congrats guys! It was a JOY to be a part of your day!! See you around.
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Tuesday, August 3, 2010  -  Weddings & Clients

Wedding at Devil's Thumb Ranch - Chrissey and Kevin

hrissey and Kevin have had a year full of sorrow and joy. After walking together through the loss of each of their fathers, they were recently able to celebrate the happiness and hope of a lifetime together as they were married in Fraser, Colorado with a wedding and reception at Devils Thumb Ranch. All of Chrissey and Kevin's friends and family were out in force to cheer them on and celebrate alongside them as they exchanged vows below the sweeping grandeur of these Colorado mountains. With the warm evening sun and cool breeze bringing peace to the valley, and the radiant joy on Chrissey and Kevin's faces as they pledged their lives to one another, it's not too hard to imagine that we were not alone this evening. No, God, His angels, and a few new guests were there to celebrate with us.
Wedding At Devils Thumb Ranch Landscape
[ 2 ]

Wedding At Devils Thumb Ranch Shave
[ 1 ]

Wedding At Devils Thumb Ranch Dress
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[ 0 ]

Wedding At Devils Thumb Ranch Chrissey
[ 0 ]

Wedding At Devils Thumb Ranch Aisle Mom
[ 0 ]

Wedding At Devils Thumb Ranch Scene
[ 0 ]

Wedding At Devils Thumb Ranch Ceremony
[ 0 ]

Wedding At Devils Thumb Ranch Ceremony Ring
[ 0 ]

Wedding At Devils Thumb Ranch KissExit
[ 0 ]

Wedding At Devils Thumb Ranch StormyKiss
[ 1 ]

Wedding At Devils Thumb Ranch KissCloseup
[ 1 ]

Paige Goodson and CC Dick, Denver wedding planners with Colorado Wedding Co, did a fabulous job of coordinating the days events and putting together all of the details to make the reception at the Devils Thumb Ranch barn one to remember!
Wedding At Devils Thumb Ranch Cake
[ 0 ]

[ 0 ]

Wedding At Devils Thumb Ranch Details1
[ 0 ]

Wedding At Devils Thumb Ranch Details4 Flowers
[ 0 ]

Wedding At Devils Thumb Ranch Details2
[ 0 ]

Wedding At Devils Thumb Ranch Toast
[ 0 ]

Wedding At Devils Thumb Ranch Chrissey toast
[ 0 ]

Wedding At Devils Thumb Ranch Kevin toast
[ 0 ]

Wedding At Devils Thumb Ranch First Dance
[ 0 ]

Wedding At Devils Thumb Ranch Cake Kiss
[ 2 ]

And just because I don't have enough photos like this populating my site... :)
Wedding At Devils Thumb Ranch Boys
[ 2 ]

Congratulations Chrissey and Kevin!
Wedding At Devils Thumb Ranch KissDoor
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